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Get rid of paper on your shop floor to eliminate the errors it causes.


Issues with Paper

You use paper on your shop floor to organize your team, keep track of work, and know what you're doing.  Paper is unreliable, gets dirty and even is lost.  Have you ever made an error because your paper traveler didn't match the work you were supposed to do?  Have you tried to implement a change in the workflow and the message didn't get to the team properly, so they continued on with the original plan?

You need to eliminate paper.  You need our Database Rescue Team.

Capturing Your Paper

The first thing we're going to do is capture all those files you use for paper production.  They could be in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint or even Access.  They could be pdfs or drawings.  Everything you've got.  We'll compare them for content and prepare to make them digital. 

Digitizing Your Paper

Once we've collected all the information you need to see digitally, we start preparing a database project to move your paper files.  This is not a "paper on glass" project with a set of pdfs for posterity.  We're going to actually digitize the work you do.  That means putting instructions in order, creating a routing, and dividing your data collections properly.  We've built automated tools to do this work, so we can do it more quickly and accurately than a copy-and-paste effort that you might undertake yourself. 

Choose Your System

The easiest step from here would be to load your information into Quantum, but that's not your only option.  Choose the system that you want that information in.  We will provide you a file in the format that is acceptable to the final file structure and provide it to you and that team for ingestion.  

What makes us qualified?

We have more than 25 years' experience in database work, specifically in manufacturing.  We also have a suite of tools to make it both easy and transformational.  Our Data Migration Engine does database recovery, organization and archiving.  We can correlate, correct and complete old, bad and missing data so what you end up with is more than digits on glass.  Get real, usable information.  

Beyond paper with Quantum

Have you decided that Quantum might be a good fit for you?  We can help you get there with the same migration services we talked about above, although streaming it into Quantum can increase the power of the data you have even more than with a different tool.  

Here are three ways we can go beyond Database Rescue and help push you into the future. 


You keep your inventory in Excel or Access and count it regularly.  You lose it.  Don't know how much you have or if it will work.  You need Quantum.  

Quantum can track and trace inventory from receiving through true usage on the shop floor.  Automate your inventory and solve your materials issues.  


You use Excel to build your team schedule.  The minute something goes wrong, the schedule is never the same again.  You spend all day keeping it updated.  You need Quantum. 

Quantum can automate your production schedule and keep your team on track for the work today, tomorrow and beyond.  

Job Board

You track jobs in Excel.  It's the tool you have and it's better than nothing.  But jobs start running behind or get missed and you don't know what to do.  You need a tool to help you manage the work.

Quantum can track your work for you so you can focus on getting it done.  Automate your workflow.  

Consistent access.  Searchability.  Sustainability.

You have Excel or Access databases for inventory or tools.  You need to move that data and get ready-access to your files.  Or, you have data in an old system and need to pull it out to a searchable, sustainable form.  Either way, we have a solution.