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We believe all manufacturers need the power of information today more than ever.  You need to know what's going on and how your morning will impact your afternoon.   

CIMx - Market Leader In MES


Quantum MES Data Quadrant Leader

CIMx is pleased to be recognized by InfoTech Research Group as a LEADER in the 2022 MES Software Survey and awarded as #1 in VENDOR SUPPORT among all survey competitors.  All vendors were rated by their own customers across capabilities, product features, and customer experience for this survey.

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From work instructions through inventory, scheduling and shipping, Quantum gives you the real-time shop floor information you want to make the data-driven decisions you need. Increase capacity, efficiency and accuracy in your manufacturing shop today.

QUANTUM Scheduling Package Analytics Package
Our flagship MES product for complete production control and visibility on the shop floor.

For manufacturers that need robust production scheduling, capacity planning, and order simulation.

For manufacturers that need trend analysis and user-friendly performance dashboards.

Engineering Part and Process Design -
Process, Part and Engineering Design
Work Instructions & Job Packets
Data Collection & Approvals
Document Management & Revision Control
Historical archive of work
Dispatching and Order Management
Job Dispatching & Tracking
Traceability & Genealogy
Production & Quality Control
Non-conformance Management
Production Scheduling
Capacity Planning & Order Simulation
Management and Maintenance of Tools, Inventory and Machines
Inventory Management, Location & Availability
Preventative & Emergency Maintenance
Serial # & Lot # Tracking
Tool Calibration
Availability of Tools, Inventory & Machines
Business Analytics, Reporting, Automation and Support
Compliance Reporting
Auditable Archive
Work Center Management, Availability & Efficiency
Performance Dashboards & Prior Period Comparisons
Business Analytics

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