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The Power of Data

Complete Production Control begins with data.  It's the Power of Quantum.

From process design through work order management, inventory levels through production scheduling, Quantum gives you visibility and control over your entire Production Operations team.  Below is just a short list of some of the things that Quantum does compared to a typical ERP/MRP, a financial package and the tools you have already in Microsoft on your desktop.  Not seeing what you want or need?  Ask us.  Quantum is a true enterprise platform built for the middle market.  

Please note that this table does not render well on a phone screen vertically.  Please use a PC for best viewing. 

Quantum ERP / MRP QuickBooks Microsoft tools
Compare Products

Lay out critical and common processes.
Not controlled
Work Instructions
Provide your team with step-by-step instructions.
Not controlled
Job Packets
Create a build book / job packet for the shop floor.
Routing only
Not controlled
Data Collections
Tell your team what you need them to measure and record.
Text only
Sign off on original processes and in-process changes.
Document Mgmt
Manage common documentation for critical processes.
Revision history
Keep a complete archive of every change to every process.
Order Management
Record an Order
Record an order from a customer.
Inventory Validation
Ensure you have the proper levels of inventory to complete the work.
Work Center Availability
Verify you have a work center open to complete the work.
Custom / Manual
Send a job to the floor with all its required information.
Routing only
Job Tracking
Always know where all your jobs are, in-process.
Track raw materials and components through jobs and to customers.
Know the complete history of all the work your team does.

Quantum "is impressive for its simplicity and thoughtful capabilities. It’s designed to enable a high degree of control and collaboration/messaging across people and

- Kevin Tucker, principal research director at Info-Tech Research Group

Quantum ERP / MRP QuickBooks Microsoft tools

Production Operations
WIP (work-in-progress)
Know what everyone is doing right now.
Quality Mgmt
Track and solve quality issues as they happen.
Track the serialized materials you use and the products you make.
Lot traceability
Follow materials through their use in your products and track them years later.
Tool Management
Track usage of tools, calibration records and control their use.
Production Scheduling
Schedule Management
Manage your schedule in real time or let Quantum do it for you.
Capacity Planning
Take a work center offline for maintenance or when someone calls in sick.
Order Simulation
Drop a planned order on the schedule to give real promise dates to your customers.
Inventory Management
Receive Inventory
Inventory Availability
Know exactly how much you have of everything and where it is.
Some tracking
Promised Inventory
Keep track of inventory you need for current orders.
Order Hold
Hold orders automatically if you don't have the people or materials to do the work.

"A lot of manufacturers struggle with shop floor
scheduling but the CIMx solution enables simple but detailed modeling and simulation scheduling that can be used electronically or printed.”

- Kevin Tucker, principal research director at Info-Tech Research Group


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