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Improve Quality and Production Planning

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Problem: A Defense Department customer required a company improve their manufacturing planning processes to improve delivery schedules, improve quality and improve their ability to react to engineering changes. Inadequate work instructions were causing quality problems so severe, that the aircraft were literally falling from the sky.

Solution: The company analyzed their in-house manufacturing support systems and decided that they could not meet the needs of a full production environment. They decided on Interax for work instruction generation across the shop floor. They converted the existing in-house data to the CIMx solution and have been capitalizing on its benefits since 2003.
Result: The Department of Defense has seen the modernization of the company's infrastructure, quality improvements and productivity improvements. The production rate of work instructions improved so much, that it allowed the company to produce ten times more work instruction content with the same number of manufacturing. These improvements provided clearly written instructions which allowed the customer to produce a higher quality aircraft, and eventually saved the entire program.


  • Creating accurate as-built records
  • Improved information flow across shop floor
  • Reduced manufacturing cycle time
  • Reduced manufacturing engineering authoring time
  • Elimination of non-value-added tasks
  • Reduced first article costs