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Critical Production Decisions


Real-time manufacturing information at your fingertips

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Quantum MES software connects your people, machines, processes, and production data so you can generate faster results, increase accuracy, control inventory, and precisely manage your floor schedule.
Do it right the first time 


Complete Production Control for the shop floor

Reduce Costs and Optimize Capacity

Waste in production is very costly and hurts your bottom line.  Whether scrap or unused resources are the issue, Quantum can help. CLICK HERE to see how.

Keep Deadlines and Stop Late Shipments

Customers demand on-time delivery. If you make a promise you can’t meet, they’ll find a manufacturer who can.  HERE'S HOW Quantum helps you exceed expectations.

Eliminate Defects and Quality Issues

Quantum tracks everything at the touch of a button. Get instant feedback from your team.  Collect a complete job history.  Find out how to MAKE IT RIGHT the first time.

Real-time Inventory Control

Quantum keeps inventory levels tight so you have the right product level when an order arrives. Money saved. Profits realized.  LEARN MORE HERE.

Leverage your Production Data 

Quantum was designed to manage production information. Centralize the manufacturing process by linking all facets of production in Quantum.   HERE'S HOW.

Unlock Production Visibility

Quantum works around the clock to collect, analyze and use your manufacturing data.  Increase efficiency by being connected to everyone and everything on the shop floor. SEE HOW.


The power of complete production control for your entire team

Quantum is the only independent MES that delivers secure, full shop floor visibility and flexibility to manufacturers of all sizes. 



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President and VP of Operations

You can increase capacity without adding more people.  Quantum provides easy-to-understand, powerful analytics in a clean user interface (UI) so you have the information you need to make accurate decisions and keep business running smoothly and efficiently.  Saving time. Increasing profit. 
Quantum's built so all manufacturers can have the same confidence in their production information as the Fortune 50.

Gain digital production flexibility and security
Ace compliance audits with tamper-proof data collection
Improve customer confidence with on-time shipments
Continuous quality control, no recalls or remakes
Increase profit and capacity by controlling cost, waste, and improving shopfloor management
Decrease raw material costs with inventory control
Support Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, and Industry 4.0 Initiatives
Affordable pricing for ALL manufacturers, return on investment in less than 1 year.




I.T. Managers

We understand how important it is that your systems run well and are readily supported.   We sell, install, migrate, integrate, implement and support Quantum MES from start to finish (not a 3rd party).  We integrate to existing front-office ERPs and other systems to keep critical data up-to-date and accurate for your team.    Quantum MES connects the entire shop and keeps the focus on getting orders completed correctly and on-time. 

  • Installation in weeks, not months or years
  • We collaborate with you to create the best digital map of your production processes
  • Quantum's clean, user-friendly interface makes training and usage simple.  Want to customize, no problem. It's very flexible, add custom automation of routine functions or alter customization as workflow changes. 
  • Tight security for your peace of mind - ISO 9000, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 5055, FDA 21 CRF Part 11, and Vulnerability testing
  • Fully functional and independent, we don't lock you into an ecosystem monopoly.  You choose what other systems you think are best for your business. We will be there to help with integration for a totally connected, data-driven environment.  
  • Keeps all historical shop floor data on-line
  • Complete monitoring and recordkeeping of everything and everyone in your production area

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Production Managers

Quantum brings all the real-time vital information you need directly to you. Manage and stay in control of Work instructions, Inventory levels, Scheduling, Tooling, Machine Status, User Status and Productivity, Quality Control, Dashboards, Shipping, Reports, and all areas of your shop floor.  NO MORE chasing down job packets, updating whiteboards, digging through outdated paperwork, or trying to pull together stale information from disparate, front-office business systems.  Quantum puts it all at your fingertips! 

  • Head off material shortages before they happen
  • Open bottlenecks
  • Ship on time
  • Stay on top of as-built quality with user procedural enforcement - no missed steps or data
  • Reduce scrap and downtime
  • Communicate easily with your completely connected shopfloor
  • Optimize process efficiencies
  • Make fast decisions that keep your team and schedule productive
  • Install Quantum for a fraction of the cost of a single shop floor employee





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