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Not just visibility.

Visibility and control.  Only with Quantum.

Production visibility.  Production control.

Production Operations teams manage supply chain, workforce and job inconsistencies every day.  Variability in materials, people and work requires flexibility and control.  

Quantum gives you the visibility you need so you can track what's important to you and solve issues before they become real problems.  Know what's on-target and -off, what's in-house and not, what's complete and in-process with Quantum.  Manage the Production Schedule throughout the day or let Quantum do it for you.  




Secure shop floor visibility and flexibility for manufacturers that need it today. 

Production Operations today requires a tool built for today.  Modernize your shop.  Maximize your future.

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Reduce Costs

Scrap increases direct costs and eats profit.  Quantum reduces scrap and costs for Production Operations teams.  LEARN MORE. 

Ship on-time

Late shipments increase costs and aggravate customers.  Quantum helps Production Operations teams stay on-target. HERE'S HOW.

Eliminate Defects

Errors waste both time and money.  Quantum increases quality control for Production Operations.  Find out how to MAKE IT RIGHT the first time.

Control Inventory

Inventory levels tie up cash and space in your plant.  Quantum keeps inventory levels tight for Production Operations teams.  SEE HOW.

Gather Data

Lack of data increases emotional decisions and repeat issues.  Quantum manages the complete Production Operations team.  LEARN MORE.

Unlock Visibility

Lack of visibility increases both costs and errors.  Quantum increases the visibility and efficiency of Production Operations teams.  HERE'S HOW.


Top Capability_Vendor Support




Our customers tell us we are more responsive than any other software company they've had.  We are proud to have won top-rated recognition for Vendor Support in InfoTech Research Group's 2022 MES survey two years running.  Real employees answer your questions, not bots.  Speak to a person rather than a ticketing system or a machine. 

We know the importance of keeping you productive.  Connect with us to experience great service. 

A Learner's Blog

We make our blogs relevant and educational.  This isn't rocket science, although we've put rockets into space. Learn about the industry, how you should buy a system, what you need and even how to use what you currently have. We're constant learners and we're happy to share our knowledge with you.

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