The Power of Data

The confidence to make critical production decisions.

Production Reliability

Eliminate quality escapes, drive down scrap rates and close the gaps in your processes with Quantum.

Production Visibility

Reduce time to deliver and guarantee delivery dates for your customers with Quantum.

Production Flexibility

Remove the complexity of running different processes or jobs with the power of Quantum.

Quantum™ gives you complete control over your Production Operations.  It connects your people,  processes, and jobs so you increase the visibility and accuracy of your work.  You need real-time data to make accurate decisions, keep production on track, and contain costs. 
You need Quantum.

Reduce Costs and Optimize Capacity

Waste in production is very costly and hurts your bottom line.  Whether scrap or unused resources are the issue, Quantum can help. CLICK HERE to see how.

Keep Deadlines and Stop Late Shipments

Customers demand on-time delivery. If you make a promise you can’t meet, they’ll find a manufacturer who can.  HERE'S HOW Quantum helps you exceed expectations.

Eliminate Defects and Quality Issues

Quantum tracks everything at the touch of a button. Get instant feedback from your team.  Collect a complete job history.  Find out how to MAKE IT RIGHT the first time.

Real-time Inventory Control

Quantum keeps inventory levels tight so you have the right product level when an order arrives. Money saved. Profits realized.  LEARN MORE HERE.

Leverage your Production Data 

Quantum was designed to manage production information. Centralize the manufacturing process by linking all facets of production in Quantum.   HERE'S HOW.

Unlock Production Visibility

Quantum works around the clock to collect, analyze and use your manufacturing data.  Increase efficiency by being connected to everyone and everything on the shop floor. SEE HOW.




Secure shop floor visibility and flexibility for manufacturers that need it today. 

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Always available to help  

Our customers tell us we are more responsive than any other software company they've had.  We are pleased to have been recognized in the 2022 MES Software survey by InfoTech Research Group and awarded as #1 in Vendor Support among all survey competitors.  

Vendor Support - Top Rated

The CIMx support team consists of in-house employees and you can call them directly.  No third-party ticketing systems.  No waiting.   No struggling for answers.  We know the importance of keeping you productive.  Connect with us to learn more or ask whatever questions you have. 


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