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A Simple Measure of Partnerships and Software Systems

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Like your software systems, the success of a partnership is measured by the overall benefit to everyone involved.


On Monday, we announced a partnership with ITS (Information Technology Services), a high-end IT software and consulting company based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

We’re excited about this partnership. ITS is a great company with a knowledgeable staff.  Their customer-focus and reputation as a provider of industry-leading software solutions align with our business strategy at CIMx. This is all true, and provides a solid basis for our partnership, but that’s not the real reason for our excitement.

Partnerships remind me of software systems.  The key to a successful partnership, or software connectivity, is allowing each partner, or system, to do what they do best while ensuring those efforts works in synch. Success is measured by the benefits of the combined efforts. If one partner is forced to adapt to compensate for the deficiencies of the other partner, or if the combined efforts of all partners yield less than the efforts of the individual, you have a problem…

ITS knows their market. They are respected and have a tremendous rapport with their customers. CIMx understands manufacturing, technology and software. Our product, Quantum, applies software and technology tools to meet the critical needs of manufacturing. ITS provides a level of service and connection with customers in their market that CIMx can’t match since we are based in the United States. We work with ITS to deliver Quantum, an industry-leading MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and paperless manufacturing system. Quantum is a behavior-based, rather than a forms-based, software system minimizing the cost of implementation and service for ITS customers. ITS then provides the services and training their customers have come to expect

By letting each company focus on what they do best, the combined efforts of ITS and CIMx will produce greater returns for both businesses and their customers…

MES, ERP, and Partnerships

Business software systems should work together like a partnership, each part in sync delivering greater returns for your business. That said, don’t expect your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system to deliver the functionality and benefits of a PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) or MES. The strength of the ERP is managing business data and automating back office functions of the business. The design of the ERP isn’t suited to collecting data on production, managing engineering design or supervising work and work instructions. Twisting your manufacturing processes or forcing one system to fulfill the functionality of another system is crippling your productivity with no real benefit.

It’s forcing one partner to adapt to compensate for the deficiencies of another partner. No one benefits, and ultimately you hurt the entire organization. When you have systems working with their strengths, everyone works better and more efficiently.

In the end, that’s what we all want with our partnerships (and our computer systems). It’s why we are so excited to be working with ITS.