Part 4  |  The Implementer 

To follow through on a successful selection and implementation of your next production control system, you need to assemble the right team with the right skill set. Some roles require social or political acumen, others require an understanding of process or corporate structure. You may even find multiple qualified candidates on your staff to fill those roles well. In the case of this absolutely critical team member however, our mantra of “talent over title” is more relevant than ever. 

This week we discuss the Implementer.

Implementer Overview

The Implementer's primary responsibility is to ensure the right tool is selected for both your production style and digital infrastructure. This individual needs a strong understanding of workflow, including the front-office aspects of your ERP and how it will translate into actual live production.

Though this role is traditionally assigned to a member of IT, they may also be your liaison to the various vendors you speak with along the way. The best Implementers leverage the expertise of the vendors against one-another by asking them difficult questions and then passing their responses onto the other vendors for rebuttal.

The Implementers' responsibilities bookend your project. They are heavily involved in the selection of a system, support the conversations with development and then ultimately act as the key contact for installation.

Select someone reliable, responsible and tech savvy enough to keep up with both fast talking sales reps and developers.


Read last week's blog to learn how to identify your team's Connector


Personality Traits

Implementers have a tendency of separating themselves from the crowd. They are bright, fast learners and highly educated. Able to understand complex systems and connect the pieces, these practical team members don’t always present the same strengths in social situations as your Visionary or Connector, but they will add value to every conversation.

Technical Know-How
It is absolutely essential that your Implementer have a strong understanding of your company’s specific technical requirements. Without having someone on your team who understands the tech lingo of your vendors, you’re likely to end up making decisions based on assumptions. If those assumptions are off base it could be catastrophic for your team.

Find the person you trust to both find the right answers and clearly translate their impact on production to the rest of the team.  


Problem Solving
Although technical knowledge is required, the most knowledgeable team member isn’t necessarily the right team member for the job. The best Implementers pair creativity with the right technical foundation. This allows them to take in the complexities of integration that they can then communicate to your other internal I.T. resources to execute.

A willingness to research and understand both alternative systems and ways of thinking are critical in this role. You need this project to run smoothly, so flexibility is key.


Detail Oriented
A common trait of strong Implementers is a keen eye for detail. The specifics of how data flows, what requirements must be met, which systems require updating and how existing licenses will be impacted all must be addressed for your project to succeed.

Think of them as a pharmacist. They know how the different medications interact with one another and serve as your last line of defense against complications caused by mixing the wrong ones. They know your infrastructure better than anyone; trust them. 


Lastly, you need to trust your Implementer to make decisions in the best interest of the project, even if it means adding more onto their already crowded plate or ruffling feathers. They will offer the recommendations that will either propel your project forward or stop it dead in its track, so make sure they feel comfortable delivering both bad and good news to the rest of the team.


Check back next week to learn how to identify your team's Definer


Your Next Steps

Check back next week to continue your education on assembling your next manufacturing system project team. For more on selecting the right production control system for your industry, connect with a CIMx Expert today to map out your requirements, organize your priorities and get to work on increasing productivity throughout production with Quantum.




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