Industry standards and regulations are moving targets.

Maintaining your customer base is dependent on retaining your various certifications. Unfortunately, keeping up with these standards and regulations, regardless of your industry, is a time consuming and expensive process.


Preferred Vendor/Manufacturer Lists

In order to make the coveted preferred vendor lists of a customer, your facility will be put through a gauntlet of vigorous audits and comprehensive reporting . However, it is never enough to simply manufacture to specification. You must be able to prove every step was executed to perfection. It’s like being back in your high school math class with a teacher that makes you show your work.

If you are collecting data in multiple applications (ERP, QMS, spreadsheets, word docs, etc…) you run the risk of conflicting reports, misplaced files and inaccurate data collection. This lack of a single-source data stream makes preparation for those crucial audits even more painful.


Dealing with Audit Fatigue

Let’s face it, audits are exhausting, but they don’t have to be. Audits can take weeks of preparation and days of your most qualified team members’ time to execute. That’s not accounting for the time required to resolve the list of items presented at the end. If you could change your approach on audits from a mindset of pain to a positive experience that will generate and secure new business, why wouldn’t you?

It may be difficult to conceive, but Quantum shops find themselves welcoming audits. The Quantum MES cuts audit time by 50% meaning more contracts in half the time. MES systems keep a single source of everything that occurs within a product. Quantum tracks everything from revision history, assets and tools, all the way through who did what, how long it took, and whether or not a build was profitable. This is made possible all at the click of a button.

Although time is a valuable savings, they are also winning new bids, proving that their execution and quality is above their competitors.

Regardless of industry, regulations or certifications, Quantum has helped many manufacturers stay ahead of the curve. Regardless of your destination, you will always have a clear path with Quantum.


Next Steps 

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