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Run production with Quantum while you run your business with Quickbooks.  


QuickBooks is a wholly owned trademark of Intuit Corporation.  

QUICKBOOKS Manufacturing

You manufacture things. QuickBooks runs your financials, but does not have the inventory management or production control you need for tight control of your production processes.  

You need a platform to get visibility and control of your Production Operations.  You need a tool that does Inventory Management, Production Scheduling, has a Job Board and does Order Management.  You need Quantum. 

Inventory Management

QuickBooks does not keep your inventory.  It doesn't track your raw materials or ingredients.  It cannot update your produced parts or finished goods.  You don't know what you have to work on, ship or stock. 

Quantum can track and trace inventory from receiving through true usage on the shop floor.  Automate your inventory and solve your materials issues.  

Production Scheduling

QuickBooks cannot produce or keep a production schedule for your team.  It doesn't know who's here today and what work they can do.  It cannot tell you what's on-time and what's running late.  It doesn't run production.

Quantum can automate your production schedule and keep your team on track for the work today, tomorrow and beyond.  Stay on target. 

Job Board

QuickBooks cannot track jobs.  It doesn't know whether you have 1 or 100 and where they are in process.  It cannot run a production process and does not know where to apply materials or people.

Quantum can track your work for you so you can focus on getting it done.  Automate your workflow and make sure every job gets done on time with the resources you have today.

Order Management

Some of you are using a CRM to capture orders.  Others haven't committed to that yet.  Quantum manages all the work you have.  Enter orders directly into Quantum and let it do the work for you.  It verifies you have the inventory you need to do the work.  It checks for available work centers and people.  It schedules the work where you have openings in the schedule.  Quantum runs everything in your shop but the financials.  

Quantum eliminates the need for an expensive ERP upgrade. 


You're running your business on QuickBooks.  It's a strong platform for the front office and you've found it works well for you.  But it doesn't have the expansive capabilities of a traditional ERP.  You're wondering if you should upgrade your entire platform to get visibility and control of your production team.  

ERP implementations are long.  They can take upwards of several years and hundreds of thousands of dollars.  If you don't have the time, money or patience for that, look to a production system to run your shop and keep QuickBooks doing what it does so well for you already.  Quantum can power your shop, save you money and time, and give you immediate visibility into your Production Operations.  

Ask for a live demo to learn more. 

What makes us qualified?

We have more than 25 years' experience working with manufacturers.   We're specialists in operator-centric work.  If you have people on your shop floor managing your work and you need to manage them, we can help.  We're specifically priced and structured to help manufacturers of all sizes.  With QuickBooks especially, we're teamed up with small businesses.  

Database Max Size

If you're running QuickBooks desktop and haven't moved to the cloud yet, you may be struggling with a maximum database size.  For those of you who have years of data in QuickBooks, this can be a real issue.  Don't let that stand in the way of your production team getting what they need.  An ERP installation is a year-long, highly expensive process.  An inventory system won't run your shop floor.  And project management software won't truly help you, although it is a creative way to get work done.  You need a true production system.  You need Quantum.