Integration for I.T. 

Connect your systems for cleaner information exchange

Production Operations requires communication between common systems.  You have to connect the front office with the shop floor and know that both teams have all the information they need.  Whether you have a custom ERP or a finance package like QuickBooks®, you need systems that naturally share the information your team requires.  
Complete Production Control for Production Operations. 



Integration connects systems.  Connectedness goes beyond.  Once you have two or more systems connected, how do you measure the stability of the exchange?  How do you know they are truly connected?  
Quantum's Integration Bridge connects with an ERP, MRP, finance system, and even Microsoft Excel and Word documents.  Connect the tools you already have with Quantum to get complete control over your Production Operations. 
When you're ready to upgrade or update your internal systems, Quantum is ready for you.  The Integration Bridge not only keeps the connection to Quantum open, but it has built-in error logs to let you know exactly what's changed in your data stream so we can make easy adjustments.  No new custom integration.  Use Integration Bridge to make your information connectivity sustainable.  
Have a question?  Need help after installation?  Replacing a system and need a new integration exchange?  No problem.  We're connected to you, too.  Just call us or fill out a form.  A real person will call you back.  One who knows you and your system.   It's Quantum connectedness.

Quantum is made for integration

Quicker Connection

Quantum is built for natural connectivity points and expands and contracts as required.  Bring in every order and all your inventory from your front office software package or let Quantum manage them for you.  

Faster Service

Quantum knows the information that it's looking for and how to help you when your ERP sends over something that's not expected.  ERPs are known for their common updates and you need a tool that can handle that change effectively.  Without the complexities of a custom integration, Quantum knows what to expect and notifies you when the information is different.  

Longer Effectivity

Quantum handles external updates better than most systems.  Need to upgrade your internal infrastructure?  Updating or even replacing your finance package?  Quantum can handle all of it.  


Real-time connection for inventory. 

ERPs often fall short of tracking real use of inventory. Quantum lets you keep your inventory in your finance package and use it on the shop floor with full transparency.  Need to know how much your team has?  How much they need?  Quantum tracks it all.

Flexible and accurate information flow. 

There's a lot of information in your finance systems.  Very little of it is actually helpful in production operations.  Quantum connects those pieces and makes your order and inventory information more actionable.   

Sustainability you can use. 

In software, sustainability means your choice of tool works for you throughout the changes your business needs.  It means you can update one system and another still works, as well as the information flow between the two.  While Quantum can't protect you from everything, it can make sure that your shop flows smoothly.  

Sustainable integration. 

Quantum manages your data so you can manage your business.