Use the right tool for the shop. 

Keep your ERP in the front office. 

Not all tools are built to run a shop.  

Your ERP may track your finances, people, vendors and invoices, but it cannot track your work.  It wasn't built for manufacturing.  When you need a hole, you get a drill.  When you need a measurement, you use a caliper.   When you need to run your manufacturing shop, you get a manufacturing system. 

Choose an MES.  Choose Quantum.



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Production Control

A tool for the shop must be able to handle the real issues with production.  Machines go down.  Work backs up.  Schedules get behind.  What will your ERP do with any of those?  Nothing.  You suffer through.

You need an MES.  You need Quantum.

Discover Production Control  that Works for Manufacturing Today


When you're talking production, you need a tool to handle time, materials and people.  The only system that can seamlessly integrated all 3 is an MES.  Put the materials where you need them at the right time.  Give your people the right instructions to do their work. Keep track of it all with Quantum.Unlock Proactive Production Management with Quantum


Ship on-time

When you know what's going on and you can control the nuances of your production shop floor, you can ship on-time.  Every time.  Quantum pushes the work through and warns you when something's in trouble.  It then gives you the tools to solve that problem.  Quantum is the answer.

See How You Can Manage Schedules and Ship On Time with Quantum

The ERP Dilemma

If you're using an ERP for your shop, or if you're looking at expanding your current ERP to your shop, there's a few critical questions you need to think through. 

  • How does the ERP react when something takes too long or doesn't go as planned? 
  • What options does it give you to correct the issue? 
  • How does it let you know what a possible workaround or rework is for the issue you're having?  

The team won't be able to answer these questions without massive amounts of customization to make the system do what you want it to do.  Why not get one that was built exactly for these everyday issues?

Production Control with Quantum

Your ERP was built to run your office.  Not your shop.

An ERP manages resources without knowing what they are or what they are supposed to do.  It keeps lists.  Of everything.  From personnel to dollars, from customers to vendors, your ERP tracks lists of items: salaries, hours, payments, invoices, bills.  

It does the same thing with your work.  It can take an Order.  It can charge the customer.  It cannot manage the work.  

My ERP has a manufacturing module.

Can it track historical changes?

An ERP can add as many modules as it likes, but it's built to run your financials, not your manufacturing. It tracks items. Not processes. Unless you build one item consistently with no changes, you're left with a routing and nothing more.

My ERP tells me they can do it.

How much time and money will it take?

Your ERP has worked with you for years. It took years to put it in. You've paid for every process, every action and every report you needed to develop, but it still can't tell the difference between a weld and a press.

My ERP provides my schedule of work.

Does it adjust to real-time issues?

An ERP schedule of work often looks like an Excel spreadsheet with lists of work. It doesn't track capacity of machines or people and can't tell you where there are bottlenecks in your processes or on your shop floor. How are you going to solve issues you don't see?

Quantum is built for today so you're ready for tomorrow.

Every Quantum installation prepares you for today, tomorrow and the future with instant access to real information about the work you're doing.  Abandon your template-based sheets.  Get rid of your white boards with production schedules.  See how Quantum can help you build, control and maintain your shop.

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