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Drive Production Operations to higher productivity and efficiency

Production Operations requires communication, control and flexibility.  Your team needs clear communication on the work they are to do, how and when you need it done.  They need a prioritized list of work that changes as the day progresses so they're always working on the most important thing.  You need to know the status of all the work you've asked your team to complete.  You want it all done completely and shipped on time.  Get there with Quantum.  
Complete Production Control for Production Operations. 



Metrics track how your team is performing.  It's important to know how your team is doing compared to their ability on that day.  When a machine needs maintenance or someone doesn't come in, do you know how to adjust your performance or do you just track to a common number on the huddle board?
Quantum Analytics lets you really know how your Production Operations team is performing.  Automatically track performance of each task and each job or order.  Understand trends, forecast resource needs and improve team efficiency with the insight of Analytics.
Quantum tracks it all for you.  Complete Production Control for your Production Operations team. 
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Quantum is built for production.

Higher Productivity

Eliminate your reliance on the team huddle as a means to rule the day.  Let Quantum manage the day as it progresses.  Walk in with one plan and adjust as you need to.  Ensure that your team has a good day every day.  

Better Quality

Reduce your reliance on common knowledge and assumption that your team knows what they're doing.  Give them the tools they need to do the job right.  Even when it seems to be going wrong. 

Stronger Profitability

Demand repeatability of strong performance with Quantum.  Manage the work to be done and give your team the tools they need to do it repeatedly.  


Real-time production reporting and dashboards. 

Track production status anytime from anywhere. Use automated notification for work that's behind, late orders and even team issues.  

Flexible and accurate production scheduling. 

Push work to the floor automatically in the right sequence. Drive information so you know it’s done right the first time and on-time. 

Manufacturing data and insight you can use. 

Collect and manage production information.  See the big picture and plan work with confidence so you know you're performing at your best.


Quantum manages your jobs so you can manage your business.