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We love what we do.

Do you?

We do the hard things.

We're not afraid of a challenge.  While other companies may avoid work that is outside plan, we love solving problems, getting rid of issues and celebrating the solution.  

We are always hiring good people - self-starters, independent, team-driven learners.  If you feel that you have what it takes, tell us why.  We're a humble crew, so we're not looking for ego here.  We're looking for provable skills and someone who realizes that the whole is definitely the sum of its parts.  None of us is more than another. 

We are hiring
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Implementation Team


We have a small, tight team.  Team members talk about the lack of politics and we love that. 


From part-time regular positions to flexible hours, our team works on their own schedule.


An independent work environment requires a high level of dedication.  We're here for each other.  

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Our Core Values

Values aren't something you can make up.  They aren't something you post on a wall.  People live their values every day.  Every thing you do is aligned with your values.  Values are alive and change over time.  We have 3 critical ones that have stuck with us throughout the last 27 years.  They guide us every day.
1. We are loyal experts.  
We are dedicated to finding a solution that works for the customer and us.
2. We are focused on the done. 
We stay on-target, on-time and on-budget.
3. We are stronger together.  
None of us gets there alone. We do our best and are vulnerable when we're wrong.

Employee Benefits

We take care of our employees so that they can take care of our customers.  From internal to external, long-term to short-term, we have a full package.  

Flexible work hours

Not a morning person?  We work with our employees to set the optimum schedule for each.  

Medical insurance

Of course, you need both the time and the plan to visit a doctor.  

Dental Insurance

Taking care of your teeth is important.  We offer comprehensive dental.

Vision Insurance

We take care of the whole you with comprehensive vision insurance and a robust discount plan.

401(k) Plan

Saving for retirement can never start too early.  We  have a strong 401K plan for our employees.


We have a unique way to celebrate birthdays here at CIMx.  Everyone loves it.  Just ask.

Personal Time

Whatever you need it for, time off is so important.  Everyone starts at CIMx with 3 weeks off and an additional day each year.


We celebrate all the major holidays and even a few you haven't problably heard of, like Mountain Day.

Mountain Day

It's been a holiday at CIMx for more than 15 years.  It happens when you least expect it and is a welcome reprieve in the fall.