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Quantum for the Vinyl Pressing Industry.

Manage inventory.  Control your schedule.  

You need complete control of both inventory and your production schedule in vinyl pressing to manage costs, scrap and jobs.  Help your team to get your operations under control with Quantum.  Quantum can run every process on your shop floor, from pressing to final inspection.  Record every step in the process to track issues and keep track of accurate time-on-job or just use it to do your large runs.  Either way, you can increase production efficiency and accuracy with a tool that plays the right tune.  

Quantum provides visibility into your shop floor so you can track what is important to you and solve issues before they become real problems.

Complete Production Control for Production Operations in vinyl record production.  Quantum.



Schedule issues

You wait for a lot of things upfront - stampers, labels, jackets, stickers and custom sleeves.  Whether you control those orders at the print shops, do them internally, or wait for the customer to deliver them to you, your customer expects that you will have the job on the shop floor almost instantly after you do.  The difficulties of coordinating all the schedules on one job, then across jobs and your workforce, add multiple levels of complexity to the work you do.  

Quantum manages both your internal and external schedules, so you can focus on the work at hand.  It monitors the work minute to minute and alerts you if anything's running behind.  Use forward schedules to update your customers on expected ship dates and backwards schedules to work to a future due date.  Troubleshoot where you need to; apply more resources or split work to get it done quicker.  

Materials usage

You've probably got both timing and quantity issues here.  You have to stock PVC in the right color combinations to support the work you have coming in without overstocking.  You want a record of what pricing is on various materials you use over time, whether to compare one vendor to another or general prices over time.  You also need to know that what you do have in stock will cover the work you have currently and what you have coming up shortly.  

Quantum keeps track of materials usage and cost over time.  Know how much you spent on the materials you're using today on the job so you know how much that actual job is costing you or cost-average it.  Quantum automatically keeps track of how much you need of every material you use so you know that you're covered for your current work.  Track materials you store for customers - overstocks for a job you're working or materials you will store for them for a rerun.

Tracking stampers

You know the average life of a stamper and can plan for how many you need to run a job, but until you're pressing and get into the feel of the color and type of PVC that you're using, you will never be able to accurately predict how many individual presses you get off a pair of stampers.  Different vendors will produce better products that might give you a little more life on these, but how do you actually track that? 

Quantum keeps track of all your work and stamper usage is no different.  Check the stampers in and use them on an order.  When your quality team tells you you're coming close to the maximum usage on a pair, you will know how many presses you've done and the order history in Quantum will tell you performance by that vendor.  Machine maintenance is the same; track the maintenance you perform on your presses and ensure you're getting clean presses each time. 


iStock-866523358Production Scheduling

Pressing requires you to know every job and how it's going.  It's far too important to do on paper and far too complex to run yourself.  Manage your team's work.  Automate schedule changes where you can to save time.  Give your customers a promised ship date your team can meet and keep track of the work to see you'll meet that date. 

iStock-532388568Inventory Management

Inventory is costly if you get it wrong, lose track of it, or overstock it.  Keep your inventory levels - both raw materials and finished goods - at the right thresholds and ensure you have the materials you need when you need them.  Decrease over-stocking and track your materials so you know where everything goes.  

iStock-1316828001Quality Management

The smallest imperfection in a pressing can set your customer's perception of your quality overall.  Don't leave quality to chance.  Manage your quality from the initial master recording through to delivery of an order of 100 or 10,000 or more with Quantum.  Track your quality over time and ensure you're keeping the highest standard possible. 

Control the work in your pressing plant from sourcing or printing labels, jackets and stickers to pressing and testing final product.  Give your team the tools they need to press every job to perfection.