Solving problems quickly is an integral part of your job as a Production Manager.  You need to manage the production schedule, maintain productivity, and get orders out on time. It is up to you to make sure every team member in the shop has all the right information, materials, machines, and tools they need to get the job done on time.

Do you have the accurate information you need to resolve issues as they arise? Accurate information keeps your production on track.  When you can see and manage everything in your shop, including the materials, people, and machines, then Complete Production Control is possible. You need production control to address issues before they threaten your schedule. 

You need Quantum™.








Key Production Manager Features in Quantum


Data-driven accuracy and insight.  You can have everything you need to keep your team efficient, manage their productivity, and ship on time.  You can with Quantum.

  • Real-Time Production Reporting and Dashboards:  Current status of people, machines, inventory, and orders is always at your fingertips with the ability to drill down into each category.  Open bottlenecks, reduce scrap and head off material shortages before they occur.  If it happens on the shop floor, you will know about it.  

  • Flexible and Accurate Production Scheduling:  Keep orders on schedule and maintain compliance. Lay out and prioritize work, assign the correct team member by classification or level, adjust for absences, validate inventory usage, maintain machine maintenance and tool calibration, accommodate rush orders, and more. Make faster decisions that keep your team productive.

  • Manufacturing Data and Insight You Can Use:  Determine with accuracy if you have enough resources and capacity to fulfill the work you need to get done today. Make adjustments or let Quantum automatically help you where you need to get back on track. Gain the confidence that your jobs are being done exactly as specified.

  • Inherently Move Towards Improvement Initiatives:  Quantum supports Six Sigma, Lean, and Industry 4.0 initiatives by providing you and your team a solution to improve efficiency, reduce waste, and increase productivity.

 Ditch the paper job packets, whiteboards, and spreadsheets. Get the real-time production information needed to keep everyone and everything on the shop floor productive and efficient with a single, shared system. Adjust and optimize your schedules, then update the shop floor automatically – it’s all handled in Quantum.

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Quantum Software

The Complete Production Control Software for North American Manufacturers

CIMx has a long history of collaborating with manufacturers in the following industries to provide the solution needed to improve visibility for production control. 

Aerospace and Defense,  Composite Engineering,  Electrical Assembly,
Engineered Parts,   Medical Device,   MRO


Manufacturing Software Made for Modern Production


As a Production Manager, Quantum gives you everything you need to solve problems, maintain inventory, and increase team efficiency. Your production team has the reliable information and support they need, while you have the visibility and data to make faster, Production Control decisions to keep orders on schedule.



Produce more by optimizing your resources. Have the material you need and empower your team. Maintain your schedule. With a system built specifically to automatically capture and analyze everything that happens on the manufacturing floor, you will have the most accurate information always available to find and reduce idle or downtime in your shop by clearing bottlenecks and production stops quickly.

Quantum improves your ability to clear obstacles that can hinder your team and cause you to miss ship dates.  You can move and shift orders as things change throughout the day to stay on schedule as better visibility means greater control and accuracy.

With Quantum, you know how to increase efficiency.

  • Notifications alert you to issues on the shop floor so you can keep your team productive.
  • Scheduling lets you see the entire shop floor at a glance so you can answer questions quickly.
  • Inventory checks make sure that you have the materials and people to do the work at hand.
  • Capture production and process information to retain tribal knowledge and speed up the training of new hires.

Quantum gives you the information you need to make day-to-day decisions on the shop floor. It gives you the confidence to make the right decision for each situation as it happens. Proactively uncover problems before they happen, improve your processes and automate your common workflows.

Quantum Scheduling brings it all together. With it, you can move orders as needed, shift work to idle stations, or adjust the routing to overcome issues. Receive notifications before problems occur, then use Scheduling to plan adjustments and send updates to the shop floor.

SMBs and Mid-Size Manufacturers

Recognized as a MES LEADER Our Features and Capabilities Report

Quantum provides the power of an enterprise MES at a fraction of the cost and time investment.  We can prove it. 

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You need inventory to be ready when you need it. Whether it’s raw materials, stock inventory, parts, or even sub-assemblies, you can't rely on a front office ERP or Excel sheet to keep up with hourly quantity changes or alert you to shortages because they are not designed to do that.  You need a system that knows accurately who is consuming or increasing inventory, if they are using the correct material and if it is in compliance with the specifications set by the customer.   How can you track usage and keep inventory tight if you cannot tell where it all is or has gone?

Quantum provides all the accurate information you need on your inventory, down to sub-parts, in real-time from production planning and scheduling to the builds already in process on your shop floor.  Quantum keeps you ahead of the material demand, so you and your team are better prepared.   

With Quantum, you have the control and end-to-end visibility you need to manage inventory.

  • Automatically check current inventory levels and get alerted, in advance, of any orders or jobs that will be short.
  • Adjust inventory as an order is released, rather than as inventory is used, preventing materials and parts from being assigned to multiple orders.
  • Reduce waste and ensure the correct use of raw materials in production
  • Track and manage inventory from goods in through shipping

Quantum provides you up-to-the-minute inventory usage information from production planning and scheduling to the builds already in process on the shop floor. Uncover hidden costs, eliminate panicked purchasing and excessive freight charges, and keep your inventory stocked and lean.

Benefits can be quickly realized without the purchase of numerous modules or excessive customization


Accurate Data Improves Decision-Making and Increases Production

Problems and issues are a part of manufacturing. Trying to effectively solve a problem with little time or valid detail is impossible. No one wants to make a fast decision based on inaccurate data or being blind-sided and scrambling for answers. If you have a single, shared system you can depend on for real-time, accurate information at your fingertips you can make confident decisions and move from being reactive to proactive. You will have the information you need to stay in control.

Quantum is specifically designed for manufacturing. A single solution to collect, manage and analyze production information making sure you know, with accuracy, exactly what is going on where on the shop floor. 

With Quantum, you can better manage the most demanding and complex production cycles.

  • Accelerate production by giving your workforce the correct information and materials they need to get orders out the door.
  • Eliminate errors caused by stale information, disconnected systems, redundant data entries, or missing instructions.
  • Receive instant notifications of issues, including schedule delays, quality escapes, or missing inventory.  
  • Quickly make adjustments that are instantly sent to the shop floor to stay a step ahead of problems and delays.

Being agile and able to adjust quickly as change happens is key. Optimize production schedules and minimize downtime with notifications from Quantum. All production control information and reporting in a single, easy-to-understand system. It’s all inside Quantum.

Quantum: The best Manufacturing Production manager Software

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