Improve Efficiency

Production Control for your team and your schedule

Eliminate late work

You need real-time data and accurate information to identify problems quickly and avoid delays.  You need production control and a full shop schedule to prioritize work, adjust resources, and get your customer orders out the door on-time and on-schedule.

Quantum targets the root cause of problems in production scheduling by preventing the issues that cause production delays. Schedule work with a flexible tool that meets tight deadlines and troubleshoots work that’s running late.  Avoid production delays and master your production schedule with Quantum Production Control.

Optimize Your Schedule

You need to know how much you can do with the resources you have, your current and future capacity.  And you need to be able to change it on-demand.  You need to align your team with the highest priority work and you need to know their performance against plan at all times. 

Quantum aligns your production planning with your processes and your resources. It manages every step in your production process and gives you the real-time production control you need.  Identify problems early and re-route work to an available station.  Automate work to focus on the highest priority and highest profit jobs. 

Quantum schedules your resources, maximizing your team. 

Can you tell your customers when to expect your product accurately?

Quantum updates your schedule in real-time.  Reroute work to available workstations and people.  Automatically push work to production.  Meet your production deadlines.  

How long does it take for you to know when there's a problem in production?

Quantum automatically alerts you when a job is late.  It tells you exactly where in the process you are behind and what resources you have to fill the gap.  Get your jobs done on time.

Do you know how to solve your production issues?  Does your team?

Quantum provides pre-approved workarounds for your team at the first sign of a problem.  Use a preapproved workflow or build one on-demand.  Keep your schedule on-time.


Quantum is built for manufacturers that need to increase visibility into their production processes and performance.  Start with production planning and move into full production scheduling.  Give your team the information they need so you get the production control and visibility you need.  Eliminate waste, increase efficiency and make it sustainable. 

Do you know how a rush order for one customer affects the rest of your jobs?

Quantum allows you to simulate a work order before you've even taken it so you can promise a rush order for a customer with confidence. Make commitments with data. 

Is your shipping department keeping up with your production team? 

Quantum lets your shipping department know when to expect new work.  They know exactly what will be ready when and have the specific instructions to get the work done correctly. 

Are you getting customer complaints on your shipping process?

Quantum gives your team instructions on how to do the complete job - from gathering materials through to shipping.  Tell your team exactly how to pack and ship your product.  

"We've reduced quality defects during production by 82%."
"I can find and eliminate my work center problems quickly and easily. Work center productivity has increased by 38%. I am maximizing my throughput and meeting shipping deadlines."
"Quantum helps to me shift work around from my desk to avoid problems and roadblocks."