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Inventory Control

Production Control for your inventory


You need to know you have the right inventory to fulfill both your current and planned orders.  Production cannot start until you have the tools, parts, materials and inventory on-hand and accessible.  You need the right inventory at the right time, without overstocking or rushing shipments.  

Quantum gives you real-time access to your Production Operations. It has all the information you need to manage your work and get it done on-time.  With accurate insight into on-hand inventory, you know where every piece of inventory is and whether you have sufficient inventory for demand.  

Quantum identifies inventory issues before they become problems.

Control Inventory

It's difficult to run a shop if you don't know that you have the inventory you need of raw materials, ingredients, parts and finished goods to complete your work.  With the challenges of today's supply chain, this is made even more difficult.  How can you make promise dates for customers?  Do you even know what date to promise? 

Quantum tracks all of your inventory - incoming, promised, fulfilled, made and stored.  It knows when and where you need the inventory you have and where you will fall short.  Identify where an order might be late for short inventory. Align your work with the inventory you have now and prioritize the work that's waiting.  Use thresholds to set your current inventory levels, reduce unnecessary costs and know you have what you need on-hand.  

That's the power of Quantum. 

Quantum gives you true inventory control. 

Do you really know what you have in inventory?

Quantum assigns serial numbers to specific materials, with updates once a material is used. It sets low quantity thresholds to prevent stock-outs. Includes high quantity thresholds, and tracks if they’re too low, if you’ve produced too much, or you’re overstocked on raw materials. Keep material levels steady.

Are you releasing orders without needed parts or material?

Quantum compares available inventory against the Bill of Material (BOM) and alerts you of a problem before the order is released.

If a new order arrives, do you have the parts and materials to start it?

Quantum compares the Bill of Material for promised orders against total inventory, it automatically applies available inventory to upcoming orders. Forecast available and future inventory with current and future orders to get a complete picture of production.


Quantum is built for manufacturers that need to increase visibility into their production processes and performance.  Start with production planning and move into full production scheduling.  Give your team the information they need so you get the production control and visibility you need.  Eliminate waste, increase efficiency and make it sustainable. 

Can you provide end-to-end traceability records for your customers?

Quantum's lot and serial number management provide insight into every part and material used in order production. You have as much control as you need over when and what inventory is used.

Are you able to find traceability records for past orders if audited?

Quantum inherently contains complete historical records giving you up-to-date, accurate records for audits. Access past records with the press of a button to stay a step ahead of audit requirements.

How do you assign specific parts and materials to an order?

Quantum's lot and serial number management lets you select specific parts and materials to order. Process control in Quantum ensures the correct part is used in the product to prevent errors.

"Our finance package never knew how much inventory we needed to process our current jobs. Quantum closes the gap."
"We've reduced inventory overstocks dramatically with Quantum."