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Managing Information Technology in a manufacturing environment goes way beyond a reliable network, digital connectivity, and safeguards against cyber-attacks. Your management team must control production, so it doesn’t control them.

Disconnected paper job packets, Excel, and your financial system can't keep up with the data needs of Operations and Management. They need factual and historical information to manage staffing, compliance, inventory, and production scheduling. They need total visualization for smarter decisions; real-time data from all areas of the shop presented in an easy-to-understand format. They look to you for a solution.

You need Quantum™.








Key manufacturing I.T. management features of Quantum


We understand how important it is that your systems run well and are readily supported. We understand that connectivity is important to achieve this and will ensure that your team is able to keep critical data up-to-date and accurate in your ERP and other systems. Quantum MES is the tool your company needs to stay connected with the most accurate, real-time information on work instructions, inventory, scheduling, quality control, and shipping.  

  • Control for Production: Quantum is a single solution that captures and manages day-to-day operations on the shop floor.  From real-time inventory analysis to instant access to all work in process, you will automatically control and analyze the data used by and provided from the shop floor. Information on paper travelers and whiteboards ages quickly and financial systems are designed for accounting. Only a fully connected, manufacturing data-driven solution will help your team hit business goals, and maintain quality and speed - that solution is Quantum.
  • Real-Time Production Reporting and Dashboards:  Your executive and operations teams will have current and historical production information at their fingertips. Quantum provides complete monitoring and recordkeeping of everything and everyone in your production area.
  • Collaboration: We work closely with you to create the best digital map of your production process. We outline the first steps and follow a tried-and-true methodology to provide measurable metrics as we roll out Quantum to your production floor. Keeping costs contained and time invested minimized for you.
Your management has the fast, reliable data they need. Your production team increases efficiency, capacity, and accuracy.  And, you can rely on us for complete support, team training, and security. No third party anything with Quantum.

Ranked a LEADER in MES

CIMx is pleased to be recognized by InfoTech Research Group as a LEADER in the 2022 MES Software Survey and awarded as #1 in VENDOR SUPPORT among all survey competitors.  All vendors were rated by their own customers across capabilities, product features, and customer experience for this survey. 

CIMx - ITRG Market Leader In MES
Quantum Software

The Complete Production Control Software for North American Manufacturers Across Many Industries

CIMx has a long history of collaborating with manufacturers in the following industries to provide the solution needed to improve visibility for production control. 

Aerospace and Defense,  Composite Engineering,  Electrical Assembly,
Engineered Parts,   Medical Device,   MRO

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Manufacturing Software Made for Modern Production


As an I.T. Professional, it is important to keep your company well-connected, in real-time, with the most accurate information sources possible.  Quantum provides the solution to keep your entire manufacturing team connected and in communication across all areas including the front office so everyone has the information they need to keep production moving and orders shipping on time. 



CIMx is committed to your success in taking your production data into an automated environment.  We want to make the transition as smooth and undisruptive as possible; we've spent over 25 years doing this and believe we have the knowledge and processes you can rely on.  

  • Security: Always important in any business, Quantum provides tight security for your peace of mind - ISO 9000, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 5055, FDA 21, CFR Part 11, and Vulnerability testing.
  • Integration: Quantum can seamlessly integrate with other software tools through its rigorously tested integration platform.  Quantum adds greater value and functionality to the ERP as it keeps data current and enables bi-directional data flow of order information with the shop floor. No human interaction or compiling of information is necessary. It’s all automated with Quantum. Have a specific need? Just ask.
  • Accessibility:  Across the shop and front office, you control who has access to what. Mobile-device, laptops, and desktops - Quantum can be wherever you need it.  
  • Installation: Performed and managed by CIMx, usually takes a few weeks as we install your Quantum just for you, including custom choices of screen designs, labels, and codes. 
  • Training: Quantum's clean, user-friendly interface makes training and usage simple. And, if your team wants anything customized, no problem. It's very flexible, add custom automation of routine functions or alter customization as workflow changes.  We hear that most vendors install and go. Not CIMx. Your plant will receive training conducted by a dedicated CIMx employee to cover 5 different areas: architecture, environment, integration, system load, and functional training. We are fully committed to your use of the system.
  • Awarded for Top-Rated Vendor Support: CIMx was recently awarded #1 in Vendor Support against all competitors in the 2022 InfoTech Research Group MES Software Survey.  We are proud to be recognized for our dedication to supporting Quantum users.

Put us to the test with a cost-effective and time-saving Process Gap Analysis that can help you begin your investigation into what is possible.  

SMBs and Mid-Size Manufacturers

Recognized as a MES LEADER Our Features and Capabilities Report

Quantum provides the power of an enterprise MES at a fraction of the cost and time investment.  We can prove it. 

Ask how we can accelerate ROI for you!

In-house or Outsourced - Your success is most important

That is why we are fully committed to working alongside you in-house, or with an outsourced I.T. consultant, and anyone else you choose to get Quantum MES running on your shop floor.  We will help get systems integrated, data migrated, and your team trained and fully connected for Complete Production Control.

Benefits can be quickly realized without the purchase of numerous modules or excessive customization


Quantum: The Best manufacturing software


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