Quality Control

Production Control for your processes and your quality

Identify Quality Issues

You need to know what's going right (and wrong) on your shop floor to know where production issues are and how to solve them.  Your employees need immediate help when something goes wrong and you need real-time access to all your records to help them.  You need to make quick decisions and you need them to be right.   

Quantum gives you real-time access to your Production Operations.  It has all the information you need to make decisions, manage production and reduce both defects and escapes.  Give your team the right information the first time; adjust and refine it as you go, knowing that Quantum will capture it all in the permanent record.  You make it right and Quantum proves it. 

Quantum identifies issues before they become problems.

Improve quality

Quality issues can be hard to track or trace in Production Operations. Before you go solving something, wouldn't it be nice to know you could see the trend?  How often does it happen and where?  Your team today is likely getting rid of issues - doing rework or whatever it takes to get product out the door.  Give them the tools they need to see the problems before they happen and truly get rid of them.  

Quantum tracks every movement on your shop floor.  It knows when and where issues happen, how they were resolved and how long it took.  Identify the root cause of errors. Pinpoint where they happen and how frequently.  Is it one work center that's the problem?  One particular job?  A new employee that doesn't know exactly how to do the work properly?  Get the answers you need.  Know how much each issue cost you and get automatic workarounds to get back on track quickly.  

That's the power of Quantum.

Quantum gives you one-touch access to solving production problems.

"We're shipping over 25% more orders on-time with Quantum and the same staff."
"We're running 400 orders a week and Quantum tracks every order through every process step, helping us to continually ship on-time."
"I'm avoiding many emergencies across production with Quantum workflow data."
"I can shift work around from my desk to avoid problems and roadblocks."