Move beyond simple quality checks to controlling the quality of your products as they're made.


Compliance Reports

Quantum automatically delivers the compliance reports you need whether you are in a specialized industry like Aerospace, Medical Device or Composites or for Lean or Six Sigma reporting. Get the same robust compliance no matter what industry you serve and be more profitable in your manufacturing.

Continuous QC Management

Complete your Quality Control management work throughout the day, whether you are at the plant or working remote. Get access to all live production records as well as historical information and pre-approved paths for work that needs to be handled differently.

Resolve Defects Instantly

Give your team pre-approved paths for common issues that they can resolve on their own, even when you're called away. Institute automatic reviews of rework with a required signature check when and where you need it. Capture the original work, the rework and the result instantly, all within the Quantum archive.


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Process Design

Design one or more processes from simple routings to complex sets of integrated process steps. Ensure that every step of your process is followed.

Engineered Parts

Create your product designs and the process to manufacture them, whether it's a simple routing, a job packet or a complex set of integrated process steps.

Process Manufacturing

Control basic and complex process-driven manufacturing with a platform that gives you the tools to both design and run them.

Production Scheduling

Push all your work to your shop floor automatically in the right sequence to make it profitable and know that it will be done on time.

Inventory Management

Track every material, part, sub-assembly and tool used throughout production for complete, end-to-end traceability for industry and customer compliance.

Process Control

Manage every step of the processes you are running on your shop floor, whether it's a simple routing, a job packet or a complex set of integrated process steps.

Production Control

Manage every job on your shop floor on-time without opening a spreadsheet or tracking down a routing, whether you have one big job or 1,000s all at once.

Business Analytics

Make your factory SMART with tools from design through automated data capture. Get the data you need when and how you need it with the touch of a button.