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Production Scheduling

Production Control for your manufacturing schedule


You need to know you have the resources you need to do the work you have.  That includes both the inventory of raw materials, parts and ingredients, as well as the people.  They need to be trained to do the work, available for it when you need them and know what to do.  That's too much movement for a spreadsheet-based schedule to handle.  Production cannot start until you have all of this aligned.   

Quantum gives you real-time scheduling for your Production Operations. It has all the information you need to manage your work and get it done on-time.  With open insight into your current team, the work they are doing and when they'll next be available, Quantum can manage your entire production shop for you.  

Quantum resolves scheduling issues for you.

Control the Schedule

It's difficult to run a shop if you don't know the current status of your people, materials, jobs, work centers and even training.  The challenges of today's work force and supply chain make this even more difficult for you.  How can you make promise dates for customers?  Do you even know what date to promise? 

Quantum runs your entire production schedule, from kitting or prepping through to final inspection.  It knows when and where you need more resources to help get a job done on time and where exactly it's running late.  Identify where you might need to ask a customer for more time and where you can delivery early.  Align your team today with the work you have, no matter how many show up.  Adjust your work flow for your staff and know what you'll get done before you start.  

That's the power of Quantum. 

Quantum gives you true production scheduling. 

Can you tell your customers when to expect your product accurately?

Quantum updates your schedule in real-time. Reroute work to available workstations and people. Automatically push work to production. Meet your production deadlines.

How long does it take for you to know when there's a problem in production?

Quantum automatically alerts you when a job is late. It tells you exactly where in the process you are behind and what resources you have to fill the gap. Get your jobs done on time.

Do you know how to solve your production issues? Does your team?

Quantum provides pre-approved workarounds for your team at the first sign of a problem. Use a pre-approved workflow or build one on-demand. Keep your schedule on-time.


Quantum is built for manufacturers that need to increase visibility into their production processes and performance.  Start with production planning and move into full production scheduling.  Give your team the information they need so you get the production control and visibility you need.  Eliminate waste, increase efficiency and make it sustainable. 

Do you know how a rush order for one customer affects the rest of your jobs?

Quantum allows you to simulate a work order before you've even taken it so you can promise a rush order for a customer with confidence. Make commitments with data.

Is your shipping department keeping up with your production team?

Quantum lets your shipping department know when to expect new work. They know exactly what will be ready when and have the specific instructions to get the work done correctly.

Are you getting customer complaints on your shipping process?

Quantum gives your team instructions on how to do the complete job - from gathering materials through to shipping. Tell your team exactly how to pack and ship your product.

"I can find and eliminate my work center problems quickly and easily. Work center productivity has increased by 38%. I am maximizing my throughput and meeting shipping deadlines."
"Quantum helps to me shift work around from my desk to avoid problems and roadblocks."