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Set and keep maintenance schedules, reducing the need to do emergency maintenance.


Maintenance Optimization

Optimize every asset you have in production and in inventory with real-time maintenance schedules and usage. Quantum records the use of every asset on your shop floor and ensures that calibration records, usage records and even time-out records are compliant. Reduce the cost of inventory when you are able to fine-tune the assets that you have and their scheduling.

Control Machine Downtime

Ensure that every machine you have and every asset that you own is running optimally with Quantum. Track your maintenance schedules and build maintenance into your actual production schedule based on machine usage rather than every X days. If a machine breaks down, automatically reroute the work to another work center and get a real-time estimate of that lack of resource on your daily schedule. Don't just guess that you'll be behind. Know exactly where.

Reduce Defects and Scrap

Proper machine maintenance and asset care is required to keep scrap rates low. Sharp blades, calibrated tools and well-oiled and clean machines are table stakes if you want the first product that comes off the production run to be just like the last one. Keep your production smooth and stable and drive your scrap rate down to near-zero with Quantum.


Optimize Machine Use

When you know and keep proper maintenance schedules and records, you know that the machines you have can run at their proper cycles.  Whether you need to run daily maintenance on a machine or do intermittent maintenance every 10,000 cycles, track it and complete the work in Quantum. 

Minimize Order Delays

Keep every Order running smoothly on your shop floor with the proper maintenance cycles.  Get notified of work centers and assets that are coming due for maintenance based on actual usage reports and build that maintenance into your daily planning so you can insert it into the best possible place in your schedule.  Use Quantum Scheduling to calculate the best time to do the work and minimize or eliminate any Order delays.

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Process Design

Design one or more processes from simple routings to complex sets of integrated process steps. Ensure that every step of your process is followed.

Engineered Parts

Create your product designs and the process to manufacture them, whether it's a simple routing, a job packet or a complex set of integrated process steps.

Process Manufacturing

Control basic and complex process-driven manufacturing with a platform that gives you the tools to both design and run them.

Production Scheduling

Push all your work to your shop floor automatically in the right sequence to make it profitable and know that it will be done on time.

Inventory Management

Track every material, part, sub-assembly and tool used throughout production for complete, end-to-end traceability for industry and customer compliance.

Process Control

Manage every step of the processes you are running on your shop floor, whether it's a simple routing, a job packet or a complex set of integrated process steps.

Production Control

Manage every job on your shop floor on-time without opening a spreadsheet or tracking down a routing, whether you have one big job or 1,000s all at once.

Quality Control & Engineering

Demand complete compliance with your processes and your audit requirements. Reallocate work automatically or on-demand with the touch of a button.