Get Control of Your Inventory

Guesswork has no place in inventory management. Efficient manufacturing starts with accurate insight into on-hand inventory — you can’t build when you don’t have the right parts and materials. Order traceability requires end-to-end asset tracking. Lean manufacturing demands synchronized inventory and production scheduling.

If you don’t have real-time inventory management, you’re losing money. Having too much inventory locks up cash; not having what you need puts your next order and shipment at risk. Both have serious effects on profit. Production starts with having tools, parts, and materials on hand and accessible. Production scheduling is based on accurate ordering, inventory control, and stock management. Customers expect, and many times require, end-to-end traceability and lot and serial number management.

A Solution for Inventory Challenges

With Quantum, you know where every part, material, and tool is in your shop. Inventory management is a core component of Quantum. That includes the inventory location. Integrate your scheduling and inventory management, so you know you have materials on hand and available before releasing an order. Automatic notifications in the system confirm you have enough inventory to release an order, alerting you when your on-hand inventory falls below a set threshold.

Lot and serial number management provide order and end-to-end traceability. Streamline repeat production with one-touch access to historical production information, as well as asset attribution for specific jobs or customers. Quantum gives you everything you need to take control of inventory management.

Here’s how Quantum can solve your problems:

I have no idea what I currently have in inventory

Assign serial numbers to specific materials, with updates once a material is used. Set low quantity thresholds to prevent stock outs. Include high quantity thresholds, then track if they’re too low, if you’ve produced too much, or you’re overstocked on raw materials.


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I'm releasing orders without the parts or materials available 

Quantum compares available inventory against the Bill of Material (BOM) and alerts you of a problem before the order is released.


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I don't know if I have the parts or materials available for a new order

Quantum compares the Bill of Material for promised orders against total inventory, automatically applying available inventory to upcoming orders. Forecast available and future inventory with current and future orders to get a complete picture of production.


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We can't provide end-to-end traceability records for our customers

Lot and serial number management provide insight into every part and material used in order production. You have as much control as you need over when and what inventory is used.


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I have an audit problem, and can't find traceability records for past orders

Complete historical records give you up-to-date, accurate records for audits. Access past records with the press of a button to stay a step ahead of audit requirements.


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I need to assign specific parts and materials to an order

Lot and serial number management let you select specific parts and materials to order. Process control in Quantum ensures the correct part was used in the product to prevent errors.


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I need to prioritize specific orders in the schedule and inventory

Information in Quantum flows seamlessly and easily between inventory and scheduling. Assign assets to an order before it is released, ensuring priority work takes precedence.


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Quantum is Built for Modern Manufacturing

Quantum solves the problems facing manufacturers, no matter the size of the facility or industry. No one should be without the tools they need to succeed.

With Quantum, it’s easy to eliminate the guesswork and confusion from inventory control. Real-time information is just a click away. Rather than buying software, you’re buying manufacturing solutions.

Here's what Manufacturers say about Quantum:

"We're shipping over 25% more orders on time with Quantum and the same staff."
"We're running 400 orders a week and Quantum tracks every order through every process step, helping us to continually ship on time."
"I'm avoiding many emergencies across production with Quantum workflow data."
"I can shift work around from my desk to avoid problems and roadblocks."

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