Stop Late Shipments Before They Happen

Moments matter in manufacturing. With current supply chain needs and the demands of Lean manufacturing and the Just in Time (JIT) workflow, late shipments aren’t acceptable. Customers demand on-time manufacturing shipping. If you can’t meet that demand, then they’ll find a manufacturer who can.

Manufacturing is a complex process loaded with variables, any of which can cause a delay in production leading to a late shipment. Over time, repeated late shipments can result in ongoing production delays, a manufacturing schedule that is out of control, expensive rush shipments, angry customers, and lost revenue.

A Solution for Late Shipments

On-time shipping performance is possible. Quantum MES targets the root cause of late shipments, helping to prevent the issues that cause a production delay.

It also gives you the tools you need to schedule work to meet tight deadlines and troubleshoot work that’s running late. Quantum gives you the real-time data and accurate information you need to identify problems quickly, as well as the production control and schedule visibility necessary to prioritize adjustments and resources to ship on time.

Here’s how Quantum can help:

I can't tell my customers when to expect a shipment

With complete historical production records as well as a dynamic scheduler with real-time information, you can make shipping estimates with confidence.

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I don't know when a problem happens in production until it's too late

The dynamic scheduler shows the status of all open orders. You know when a problem happens, with enough time to provide a solution, stay a step ahead of problems, and inform the customer.

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If something happens, I have no way of fixing the problem

A dynamic scheduler lets you re-prioritize work from anywhere to keep production flowing. Make changes, then see how that change will impact other orders. Quantum makes it easy.

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My customer needs to rush an order, but that will cause late shipments

Dispatch and order management is easy with Quantum. Pre-planned options let you manage production behind the scenes, so your team can focus on work while you keep the shipments on time.

See How Production Management  Works in Quantum

I have a bottleneck in my shipping department

Shipping delays are often caused by employees manually trying to match finished products to the correct order information. Quantum automates many of these steps, helping to eliminate the issue. Quantum accurately ties the product with the order and provides the correct label, so you can stop the unnecessary work that results in errors to move product quickly and accurately and accelerate shipping.

Take a Look at Automation and Error Prevention in Quantum

There are too many errors in my shipping

Mistakes will happen, but they are often preventable when you give employees the information they need, when they need it. With Quantum as a single source of production information, you have complete production activity data, eliminating the shipping paperwork errors and confusion that can lead to wrong labels or partial shipments. On top of that, a simple one touch validation step helps guarantee accurate shipping.

See How Quantum Prevents Errors

I have no idea why my shipments are late

With Quantum reporting, you have complete visibility into production. Dig into the data to find the roadblocks and challenges causing late shipments. Find the on-time shipping KPIs to set up continuous improvement.

Check Out Quantum Reporting and Dashboards

Quantum is Built for Modern Manufacturing

Quantum solves the problems facing manufacturers, no matter the size of the facility or the industry. No one should be without the tools they need to succeed.

With Quantum, it’s easy to eliminate the guesswork and confusion from your shipping operations. Real-time information is just a click away. Rather than buying software, you’re buying manufacturing solutions.

Here's what Manufacturers say about Quantum:

"We're shipping over 25% more orders on time with Quantum and the same staff."
"We're running 400 orders a week and Quantum tracks every order through every process step helping us to continually ship on time."
"I'm avoiding many emergencies across production with Quantum workflow data."
"I can shift work around from my desk to avoid problems and roadblocks."

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