Our MEP Program

We bring you closer to your clients' shop floor



You provide critical Lean, Six Sigma and Continuous Improvement consulting services for your clients. 

You need data to help you with your work.  How do your clients get that data to you?  How long does it take them?  

Let us help you take that further.

Everything we do sets your clients up for success and builds opportunities for you to deliver more impactful services.  

MES Implementation

Tools built for SMBs

Small to mid-sized shops are served well with our MES platform. Rapid installation and a focus on the real data that shops need to run their work more efficiently, effectively and with higher quality are hallmarks of the Quantum platform.

Data Analytics

Real data.

Lean, Six Sigma and Continuous Improvement projects are built on access to current performance metrics. Quantum tells you where your client is currently on the performance spectrum so you can tailor your consulting projects with pinpoint accuracy to the problem.

Best Practice Training.

SMBs grow faster.

We provide 6 months of one-on-one training for your customers in short bursts to help them remember the best tools for the job. Whether they're building one part by hand or processing thousands a minute, we can get them tuned properly for the work.

Case Study

Data Connection

How we help MEPs

If you have a client that has quality issues, you're bound to be tracking non-conformance codes and reasons. The trouble often shows up long after the issue and it's difficult for them to know how many NCs they've had, why they happened and how they solved them. Let Quantum give you the information you need to consult with them on process changes to reduce these issues. Quantum makes it easy and permanent.