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Process Design

Design your processes with a platform that can run them for you.

Assembly Instruction Diagram


Process Design is the basis of real-communication on the shop floor.  Give your Production Operations team everything they need to do their job right the first time, saving you time and money.  Write step-by-step work instructions, give them a video tutorial, or just list the work they need to do.  You'll make them more productive and increase your quality at the same time.  Get productive and stay on schedule with Quantum. 



Process Design & Management

Design each step in your process, add supporting documentation and ensure the accuracy of your team's work.  Make some or all of your steps and the data collections that go with them mandatory to ensure the work is done correctly or, for a more experienced team, allow them to record data when needed. Run the same process every time with Quantum.  

Master Library of Processes

Organize all of your processes in Quantum with access at the touch of a button. Archive those you aren't using, but keep them available should you require it for new process design templates or even customer audits. Track when and where you've used each process and the efficiency of each.

Error-free Changeovers

From shift to shift, machine to machine, and step to step, guarantee the precision of your work in the process.  Connect your team with the right instructions for set-up not just at the beginning of a job, but throughout, so you know they can move through it without issue.  Push information to and from Quantum automatically or choose to do portions of the process manually, whatever you require at the time.

Quantum is built for production.

Production Management

Real control of the work

When you can't be everywhere all at once to manage every process that's going on, or when you are dealing with the challenges of distancing in your work area, know that you can still control every step in your process with Quantum. Get both the picture and the supporting details for every step in process right now on your shop floor and the progress of each to the design.

Work Validation


When you have access to real-time manufacturing data, you don't have to wait until the end of the run to determine how much of it was good and how much went to scrap. Know about and solve problems faster with a tool that reports in-process steps. Get continuous and real feedback that your processes are working and more of your product will go to the customer.

Award-winning product and team.

Quantum and CIMx have been recognized by our customers and the industry for our product and our service.  


CIMx was recognized as a LEADER in the 2022 InfoTech Research Group MES Software Survey and awarded #1 in VENDOR SUPPORT among all competitors.  All vendors were rated by their own customers across capabilities, product features, and customer experience for this survey.  The people have spoken.