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Get the reports you need from a system that provides them real-time, moment-to-moment and on-demand.


Daily Management Reports

Increase the accuracy of your daily reports to management with real-time data available on-demand. Know your production rates right now with instant access to every piece of work that's going on. Keep your reports simple or dive in for more detailed analysis of what's going on in the shop, all without leaving your desk.

Custom Reporting

Get the reports you need exactly how you need them with Quantum's custom reporting. Whether you need to compare just 2 production variables like Orders per hour or you need a far more complex string of information like the number of non-conformances at a particular work center based on Order volume per day, Quantum can deliver it to you. Format the reports yourself or have them delivered within Quantum automatically.

Create Customer Reports

Build the reports that your customers require from the data in Quantum. Whether you want to put your customer's logo at the top of the page or report on a special production detail that they require of you, Quantum can deliver the information. Similar to Custom Reporting, you can format the reports yourself or have them delivered within Quantum automatically.


Measure the Pulse of Your Business

Whether you make 1 complex assembly or 10,000 stamped parts per day, you know exactly how you're doing on that work with Quantum. Whether you run a recipe for a single shift or the entire week, know exactly how your production rates are progressing with intermediate checks and Quantum. The pulse of everyone's business is a little different; the flexibility in Quantum delivers that information, no matter what it is. As long as you can measure it, Quantum can capture and report on it.

Add Value to Your Customer

With increased knowledge about your production, you have more information and more accurate information to share with your customers. Make your production more responsive to changes that are needed or requested. Run jobs for multiple customers at one time and know that each one is progressing with the specific needs that customer has for the work, the packaging, delivery and reporting.

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Process Design

Design one or more processes from simple routings to complex sets of integrated process steps. Ensure that every step of your process is followed.

Engineered Parts

Create your product designs and the process to manufacture them, whether it's a simple routing, a job packet or a complex set of integrated process steps.

Process Manufacturing

Control basic and complex process-driven manufacturing with a platform that gives you the tools to both design and run them.

Production Scheduling

Push all your work to your shop floor automatically in the right sequence to make it profitable and know that it will be done on time.

Inventory Management

Track every material, part, sub-assembly and tool used throughout production for complete, end-to-end traceability for industry and customer compliance.

Process Control

Manage every step of the processes you are running on your shop floor, whether it's a simple routing, a job packet or a complex set of integrated process steps.

Production Control

Manage every job on your shop floor on-time without opening a spreadsheet or tracking down a routing, whether you have one big job or 1,000s all at once.

Quality Control & Engineering

Demand complete compliance with your processes and your audit requirements. Reallocate work automatically or on-demand with the touch of a button.