Process Control

Quickly and easily engineer plans with multimedia Operator instructions, tolerance ranges and reroute paths.

Shop Floor Control

Deliver only the clearest, most accurate work instructions to your Operators to increase velocity and eliminate scrap.

Build It Right

Innovative solutions developed for complex manufacturing.
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Quality Control

Manage quality by monitoring progress, issuing dispositions and leading your team to achieve daily targets.

Top Floor Control

Leverage the data generated from your shop floor to eliminate guesswork, track KPI metrics and grow your business.

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Complete orders ahead of schedule and under budget with the MES/MOM platform designed for complex, discrete manufacturing. Quantum’s® Production dashboards, Quality Control system and Engineering tools deliver end-to-end Production Control for every order, every time.

  • Drive throughput and eliminate scrap in the Advanced Planning Center

  • Guarantee ship dates and demand conformance with shop floor WIP controls

  • Identify trends and automatically record, report and react in real-time

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Quantum Solutions

Real-Time Control for Real World Manufacturing

When production doesn’t go as planned, your team needs an agile and intelligent platform to get orders back on track fast. Quantum prevents manufacturing issues, from the common to the critical, ensuring you deliver ahead of schedule and under budget.

End-to-End Control:

  • Plan for success
  • Build it right
  • Grow your business

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Planning Center

Demand Engineering Excellence

Standardize engineering processes and proactively map rerouting in Quantum's Planning Center. Deliver clear plans to your Operators, control documentation and manage change orders all from one complete system. CIMx's 20+ years of high-compliance engineering software experience is at the heart of Quantum, providing your company a competitive advantage on every plan.

Quantum Includes:

  • Engineering Tools
  • Revision Control
  • Document Management

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Workflow Management

Eliminate Operator Errors

Your engineering plans are only as good as the Operators that follow them. Deliver your shop floor team the tools they need to track operation progress and build every order to spec. Automate quality checks into digital work packets to provide your Operators with only the information they need to get the job done. Avoid bottlenecks, accelerate velocity and build it right, with Quantum.

Quantum Includes:

  • Order Scheduling
  • Digital Instructions
  • Quality Control

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Production Dashboard

Complete Order Visibility

Keep your shop ahead of schedule and under budget with proactive production visibility. Andon boards, Work in Progress (WIP) displays and real-time order trackers are used by the world's tier one manufacturers to monitor and direct production from the top floor to the shop floor. Check order progress at a glance and redirect work before bottlenecks slow production, with Quantum. 

Quantum Includes:

  • Work in Progress
  • KPI Tracking
  • Quality Dashboard

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Asset Management

Total Resource Control

Eliminate non-conformances caused by kitting confusion or Operator error with Quantum. Assign specific tools or preset assemblies to a work center to guarantee your orders are built with the right tools for the job. Serialize part/material lots to track usage from receiving through delivery. Set machine maintenance, tool calibration and low volume alerts to ensure your assets are available when you need them the most.

Quantum Includes:

  • Parts & Materials Assignments
  • Machine Maintenance
  • Tool Use/Location Tracking

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Paperless Manufacturing

Record, Report and React

Today's customers expect complete order traceability and engineering accuracy on every job. Your management team needs the right data to keep bids competitive and production efficient. Quantum solves both needs with a modern platform designed to maintain compliance, support Lean manufacturing and increase profitability while eliminating waste.

Quantum Includes:

  • Six Sigma Support
  • Data Collection
  • Enterprise Visibility

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System Essentials

Advanced Platform Architecture

More than two decades in high-compliance manufacturing and a commitment to system sustainability have driven Quantum's innovative architecture. Quantum operates on a standard SQL server and is accessible by any approved devices. Control production across an entire enterprise from one location and report your results with confidence.

Quantum Includes:

  • Secure Data Channels
  • Upgrade Sustainability
  • Day One Use™

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"Variability used to be our biggest issue. Now it’s finding a bigger facility to handle all of the new work!" 
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"Quantum records every Operator action on every order. It saved us a ton of hours on our last audit."
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"We’ve seen more benefit from our partnership with CIMx than we could have possibly imagined."
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