Machines are just a resource for your shop, right?  Nope.  Not even close.  When you are talking the capacity of a shop, keeping those machines running properly is critical.  You must know their schedules for maintenance and keep them.

Insurance like this is a tricky thing.  Look no further than your lunch for inspiration.  A dull knife can still cut, but not well and not as quickly as you need.  Whatever you cut with a dull knife may suffer slightly jagged edges or lack the crispness of a nice cut with a sharp blade.  Spend a minute or two sharpening that blade and you slice through everything and anything you need with little effort. 

Machinery is just like that.  It requires a little TLC every now and again to make sure it has “a sharp edge.”  From one piece of equipment to another, you have maintenance schedules for prevention and required maintenance for points of failure.  These latter ones can never be planned and it always seems that the former come at the least-opportune times. 

We’re hearkening back to your now-favorite word if you’ve joined us on the road of blogs this month: systems.  Look to a system to tell you when one piece of work is required and when the machine that does it needs a little care of its own.  Plan these perfectly and you can do the one thing when you have the time.  Get a system that is smart enough to see both the work to be done and the maintenance that’s required and you can perfectly plan the two together. 

Machines are your lifeblood.  Don’t neglect the work they require to keep them running smoothly and don’t let this work unexpectedly interrupt your busiest periods when you most need every machine to be pulling its weight.  Plan these perfectly together.


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